About Us


Pax Rosa is a Catholic Christian business striving to make the ordinary daily things sacred. My name is Nastacia, but most call me Tasha. I'm a wife, mom, and a Daughter of God. I'm what you call a "cradle Catholic", which means I was baptize into God's family as a baby and brought up in the Catholic faith, but I didn't have a true conversion of faith until I was in high school. Since then, I have clung onto my faith and shared it others in the best way I know how-through love. 

I'm a first generation American, my father is from Mexico and my mother is from German (my nickname is high school was Germex-clever). My father moved to the United States as a child, as young adult he joined the US Army, where he was stationed in Germany and met my mother. I was teenager to witness my mother's initiation into the Church and together we served in our home parish together. I've served in youth and family ministry for almost 15 years in various parishes in my Archdiocese. My parents brought Christ into my home, showed me God's love and mercy, and walked alongside my journey with Jesus.

My mission with Pax Rosa is to simply to bring Christ into people's homes with something we typically use in our home on a daily basis-a candle. A simple way that evokes all of our senses, yet a joyful reminder of Christ as our Light in the world. Please join me in this journey of discovering ways to share our Salvation's History through images of the Jesus Christ, the Saints, Our Holy Mother Mary, and the beauty of Christ's Church on earth. Please pray for our mission, I hope our ministry serves you and others well.